Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast

November 22, 2021

Some people just want to cook turkey breast instead of an entire turkey. Juicy bacon does double duty in this Thanksgiving showstopper by keeping the lean turkey meat nice and moist and delivering a crispy outer layer. If you’re using store bought gravy, you might want to stir in chopped herbs like parsley or chives, or add a squeeze of lemon juice and some grated zest for a hit of fresh flavor.

Thanksgiving Turkey

November 19, 2021

This herb roasted turkey is cooked with apples and shallots, that are cooked inside the turkey, to keep the meat moist and adds a rich flavor. The extra shallots in the roasting pan also give the gravy recipe a rich, caramelized onion depth and, with apple cider, the gravy is so delicious. The easy turkey stock adds extra flavor to the gravy.

Spatchcock Harissa Chicken

August 25, 2021

This recipe is great for either a weeknight or weekend dinner requiring very little attention once the chicken is on the barbecue. Making your own harissa paste will give you a much more vibrant and flavorful result than something from a jar. You will only need half of the harissa for the chicken recipe, leaving you extra to keep in the fridge to use in your cooking over the following days.

Grilled Spicy Chicken Drumsticks

August 9, 2021

Fire up the grill for a backyard cookout that your family will love. Dig into these spicy chicken drumsticks.

Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings with Ranch

June 28, 2021

This is such a good recipe for making crispy hot wings in your air fryer. Marinating boneless chicken breast pieces in a mix of buttermilk and hot sauce infuses the meat with flavor, and the panko and almond flour breading creates a delicious crisp crust in the air fryer. The wings get a splash of hot sauce to finish.

Oven Fried Coconut Chicken

February 26, 2021

Baked instead of fried these coconut crusted chicken breasts are delicious and are dairy and gluten-free. Feel free to use chicken thighs if you prefer. Serve with basmati rice and your choice of sauce. Sweet and sour, citrus chili or peanut sauce.

Chicken Satay Skewers With Peanut Sauce

February 24, 2021

I love to make easy chicken satay with delicious peanut sauce. I like to serve the with a side salad for a light meal.

Healthier Kung Pao Chicken

January 14, 2021

When I’m short on time I like to make this healthier version of Kung Pao Chicken, which has less sodium and oil than takeout. If you like yours spicier then add extra Sriracha or chili paste.

Lemon Chicken

January 13, 2021

Moist and juicy chicken simmers in a lemon garlic sauce for a quick and easy dinner that’s ready in 35 minutes. Serve with lightly buttered orzo, noodles or rice and a side of steamed vegetables.

Green Curry Chicken

September 9, 2020

I had a real craving for green curry and didn’t want to try and hunt some down during pandemic restaurant life. It’s actually very easy to make on your own and you can add any additional vegetables that you want.

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