Grilling Time

Grilled Barbecue Pork & Plum Kabobs

July 13, 2015

Sweet and gently spicy, these quick pork and plum kabobs are basted with thick barbecue sauce for a simple and delicious crust.

Grilled Chicken Legs With Chorizo Ragout

July 10, 2015

If you don’t have a grill or don’t want to start up your grill then just cook the chicken legs in a grill pan.

All-Purpose Marinade

June 30, 2015

Summer is here and July 4th is right around the corner, which means grilling heaven. Grilling season calls for a reliable All-Purpose Marinade. This marinade is perfect for skirt or flank steak, but also works for chicken or pork.

Dad’s Day Ultimate Cheeseburger

June 19, 2015

Father’s Day is this weekend and perhaps you should treat him to the Ultimate Cheeseburger. Unless he’s gone vegan or vegetarian he’ll love this Dad’s Day lunch or dinner. Quality beef, savory seasonings, melted cheese, crisp vegetables, and secret sauce add up to the ultimate burger. Serve these loaded burgers with plenty of napkins alongside!

Grilled Green Onions

May 24, 2015

I haven’t met an onion that I didn’t like. Pick up a bunch of green onions this weekend and throw them on the grill since you’ve got it up and running already. If you’re not grilling then feel free to cook them stovetop in a grill pan.

Grilled Bison Steaks

May 22, 2015

Bison is a naturally flavorful, lean, and tender meat that can be prepared much the same as beef. Overcooking is a no-no, but make sure it reaches a medium doneness.

Soda Jerk Barbecue Sauce

May 20, 2015

I never buy prepared sauces at the market because I like to experiment making my own. Try making a barbecue sauce with your favorite soda. You’ll be surprised at how great it tastes

Grilled Brisket Burgers

May 19, 2015

I grill all year long, even in 3 feet of snow, but for many Memorial Day weekend is the beginning of grilling season. Try grilling these delicious Grilled Brisket Burgers and feel free to experiment will all sorts of toppings.

Cedar Plank Salmon

April 25, 2015

When I lived in the Pacific Northwest my son and I used to make Cedar Plank Salmon all of the time. Of course the salmon was always fresh and picked up the aromatic cedar taste after grilling on cedar planks. The most important part of this recipe is soaking the cedar planks for about 2 hours in cold salted water. You can find cedar planks at most grocery stores.

Grilled White Asparagus With Sweet Onions & Orange Dressing

April 20, 2015

Don’t forget to peel the white asparagus or you’ll have a very tough asparagus dish. If you don’t have a grill then cook then in a grill pan over a medium heat.

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