Stuffing A Turkey



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Stuffing A Turkey

Whole birds don’t have to be stuffed. You can place a quartered onion or lemon inside the cavity or spread fragrant herbs or peppery spices under the skin. However, a traditional stuffing, deliciously flavored with sautéed vegetables, sausage or other savory ingredients, will accent the flavor of the meat. Here are some rules for stuffing a turkey.

1. Before stuffing, rinse the bird inside and out and pat dry.

2. Cool any cooked stuffing (unless roasting immediately) before filling the bird.

3. Stuff the bird just before roasting. Never stuff in advance. It is fine to prepare a stuffing recipe ahead, but remember to refrigerate it separately and then add it just before roasting.

4. Lightly stuff the body and neck cavities. Do not pack tight.

5. Bake extra stuffing in a covered casserole with the bird for the last 30 minutes of roasting. Since this stuffing won’t be as moist you may want to drizzle the top with some broth or melted butter before heating.

6. Stand the bird, neck end up, in a bowl just big enough to hold it upright. Lightly spoon stuffing into the neck cavity.

7. Secure the neck flap over the opening with skewers. Tuck the wing tips under the back of the bird. Loosely stuff the body cavity. Fold the skin over the opening.

8. Tie the legs and tail together with string to enclose the stuffing.


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