Pickled Red Cabbage

Pickled Red Cabbage


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Pickled Red Cabbage

I find pickled cabbage is best eaten within a few days of being made as it does begin to lose its color and can become soft if kept too long. I love the fresh taste of newly pickled cabbage!


1 Large Red Cabbage

1 Teaspoon Sea Salt


2 Pints Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Fresh Ginger (Bruised)

1 Ounce Whole Black Pepper

Take off the outer cabbage leaves and cut the cabbage into quarters. Remove the stalk, wash and then cut into very thin slices. Lay the sliced cabbage on a plate and sprinkle with the sea salt. Cover and leave sit for 24 hours.

After the cabbage has been sitting for 24 hours put the cabbage into a colander to drain. It may be necessary to wipe the cabbage clean. Place the cabbage into pickling jars and put aside. Now put the bruised ginger and peppercorns into a muslin bag and tie with a cooking string. Pour the vinegar into a saucepan along with the muslin bag and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat and leave to cool. Remove the muslin bag and pour the cooled vinegar into the pickling jars. Cover the jars with vinegar proof lids. Serves 4


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