Sautéed Plums

September 8, 2016

I just picked up a bunch of plums from a farm stand that turned out to be absolutely delicious. I went back and bought more so that I could make sure that I had access to them in the upcoming months. These simple sautéed plums freeze beautifully so you will...

Freezable Spaghetti Sauce

August 16, 2014

Is your garden giving you tons or tomatoes? Are you enticed by the beautiful tomatoes at the Farmers’ Market? If you’re lucky enough to have an abundance of tomatoes then you just may want to make spaghetti sauce that stores away in the freezer. I know that I’ve had many...


March 1, 2013

Chorizo Did you know that you can make your own chorizo?  Well I’ve got news for you!  It’s easy to make and the payoff is big.  Chorizo is simply Mexican sausage.  It can be prepared and stored uncooked or cooked until you are ready to use it.  Uncooked chorizo can...

Fresh Blueberry Waffles

December 30, 2012

Fresh Blueberry Waffles Dust off that waffle iron because these Fresh Blueberry Waffles are a wonderful way to start your day! If your family doesn’t eat all of the waffles then freeze the leftovers to use throughout the week.  When there is a morning rush it’s so easy to heat...

Basic Pound Cake

August 30, 2012

Basic Pound Cake The simplest of cakes is the most delicious and it goes well with everything.  You can flavor your pound cake any way you like or just serve it with berries or ice cream.  This truly is an easy cake to make.  Make sure that your eggs are...

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