Tiny New York Kitchen Has Lunch With the Bibimbap Backpackers

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Tiny New York Kitchen Has Lunch With the Bibimbap Backpackers


Last Wednesday I had such a great time with my new friends, the Bibimbap Backpackers, who travel the world introducing different cultures to delicious Korean food, in particular a dish called bibimbap.  About 30 food writers were invited to this fun event that took place at Take31 Restaurant (15 E. 31st Street, NYC 10016).  I get invited to many a “promote our product” types of events, which I usually decline, but for some reason I felt inclined to attend this event.  Perhaps it was because the super nice college age Korean kids kept emailing me asking me if I would come.  I was the first one to arrive because I hate being late for anything.  I was warmly welcomed and chatted with my hosts.  I have to admit that I hadn’t known too much about Korean food except that of our 32nd Street Korean BBQ joints (which aren’t half bad actually).  The Bibimbap Backpackers were here to introduce us to the other side of Korean food.  We started out with a Korean pancake, called pajeon, and then had delicious glass noodles, called japchae.  Then we had fried dumplings, called mandu, that were kind of like a potsticker.  The main course came next which was a “make your own” rice bowl, called bibimbap.  We were handed bowls of rice and then urged to make our own bibimbap with all sorts of ingredients laid out on a long table. You could go vegetarian or add meat along with a wide array of vegetables.  Add your favorite sauce and there you have it.  Super yummy.  The final item that we were served was a fried rice cake, called Hotteok, that tasted kind of like an elephant ear.  I have to admit that I snarfed everything down and was full as ever.  Thanks so much to the Bibimbap Backpackers for inviting me to such a fun and delicious event.  If you would like to read more about the Bibimbap Backpackers then check them out at facebook.com/BibimbabBackpackers.




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