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Many Large Corporations Own “Organic” Food Companies

June 21, 2012

Many Large Corporations Own “Organic” Food Companies


I just got done reading Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which I highly recommend.  I might add that I read it in hard copy as I don’t own an e-reader.  I just like to have a real book in my hands.  Anyway, there is a part of the book that goes into the “Industrial Organic Food” industry.  I was shocked to learn that many large corporations own tons of  organic food companies.  Here’s a list that might surprise you. 


Coca-Cola Owns: Honest Tea & Odwalla

Dean Owns: Horizon & White Wave/Silk

Danone Owns: Stonyfield Farms

General Mills Owns: Cascadian Farm & Muir Glen

Hain Celestial (Who Is Allied With Heinz & Cargill) Owns: SunSpire Spectrum Organics, Garden of Eatin’, Imagine/Rice Dream/Soy Dream & Celestial Seasonings

Kellogg Owns: Bear Naked, Kashi & Morningstar Farms/Natural Touch

Kraft Owns: Boca Foods & Back To Nature

Pepsi Owns: Naked Juice

Unilever Ownes: Ben & Jerry’s

Colgate Palmolive Owns: Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste (Of Course Not A Food)


The Holdouts Who Have Refused Buyout Offers From Larger Companies:

Amy’s Kitchen

Clif Bar

Newman’s Own

Applegate Farms

Eden Foods

Building A Healthier Burger

June 19, 2012

Building A Healthier Burger


Nothing says grilling season like a hot & juicy burger.  You can enjoy an American favorite that is new and improved by giving your burger a healthy twist without skimping on flavor.  Here are some things that you can do to create a better burger. 

Choose Your Patty:  For a classic burger it is important to choose the leanest ground beef available.  Purists will tell you to use the fattiest ground beef, but if you are trying to cut down on fat and create a healthier burger try using lean meat.  I like to use ground sirloin.  You also might try: Ground Turkey Breast (usually 99% fat free); Ground Buffalo/Bison (naturally sweet & lean); Veggie Burgers (usually has one seventh the saturated fat of traditional burgers); Fish Burgers; Salmon Burgers (rich in omega-3); Mushroom Burgers (made from large grilled Portobello mushrooms). 


Jazz Up Your Burgers:  Spices and condiments are key here.  Mix in or season your burgers with salt free or low sodium spices.  You can get creative here to suit your tastes or mood.  I like to use Cajun spices, Italian spices and sometimes a touch of curry spices. You can get a fiber boost and add texture by adding chopped or grated vegetables or herbs. 


To Bun Or Not To Bun:  Who says a burger must be served on a traditional white bun?  Feel free to serve your burgers on 100% whole grain buns or pita pockets.  If you are going for a totally bunless burger you might want to try sturdy lettuce or cabbage leaves. 

Accessorize:  The tasty trimming options are endless, but here are a few ideas.  Choose condiments that are low in fat, sodium and sugar.  Read the labels on varieties of ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, relish and salsa.  Choose low-fat or fat-free varieties of cheese.  The white cheeses tend to be lower in fat such as Swiss or provolone.  Top your burger with grilled onions and sliced tomatoes.  Instead of using iceberg lettuce try radicchio, arugula or romaine.  While you’re at it add cucumber slices, radish slices or red pepper rings for some extra crunch.


Happy Father’s Day

June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day To All Of The Fathers, Grandfathers, Foster Fathers, Step-Fathers And Every Other Kind Of Father!  You Are Truly Appreciated!

Saint Anthony of Padua

June 13, 2012

Saint Anthony

June 13th Feast Day

Anthony of Padua or Anthony of Lisbon was born Fernando Martins de Bulloes on August 15, 1195 and died June 13, 1231.  He was a Portuguese Catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan Order.  He died in Padua, Italy, but was born to a wealthy family in Lisbon, which is where he was raised.  St. Anthony is best known as the patron saint of lost things.  Barren women also claim St. Anthony as their patron saint most likely because of his association with the Baby Jesus.  There is a popular story that one night during St. Anthony’s lifetime the Baby Jesus visited him, kissed him and told him that He loved him.  The story is so well loved that, aside from Mary, St. Anthony is the saint most often depicted with the Baby Jesus.  St. Anthony is often shown carrying a lily as a symbol of purity, innocence and integrity probably because he was entrusted with the Baby Jesus. 


St. Anthony had a special love for the poor and oppressed people which is in keeping with his beloved Franciscan tradition.  Noted by his contemporaries for his forceful preaching and expert knowledge of Scripture, he was declared a saint almost immediately after his death and proclaimed a Doctor of the Church January 16, 1946.

Interesting Chicken Facts

June 12, 2012

Interesting Chicken Facts


I have loved chickens for many years.  Twenty years ago I had a chicken coop built on my property where I lived in the Pacific NW.  I raised laying hens so that I could cook with fresh eggs.  During the day I let my hens roam my property and at dusk my son’s corgi would herd them into their coop.  Each morning I would go out to the coop, thank the “girls” and gather beautiful fresh eggs.  Those days are gone and I now live a much different life dividing my week between my apartment in New York City and my house in Fairfield County. 


Here are some fun and interesting chicken facts:


Chickens are omnivores.  In the wild they will scratch the soil searching for seeds, insects, young mice and lizards. 


Alektorophobia means “fear of chickens.”


The older the hen the larger the eggs she lays.


Chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs.  Chickens with red earlobes lay brown eggs. 


Chickens can live for 5 to 10 years depending on the breed.  According to, The Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s oldest chicken died of heart failure at age 16.


A fresh egg sinks in a bowl of water, and old egg floats.


Hens start clucking to the eggs a few days before hatching, making it more likely that they will all hatch at approximately the same time. 


DNA evidence suggests that chickens are the closest living relatives to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. 


The first pictures of chickens in Europe were found on 7th Century BC Corinthian pottery. 


Eggs dry out more quickly in your refrigerator’s egg rack so it is best to leave them in the carton. 


If you can’t remember which eggs you cooked then spin them.  If an egg spins quickly then it is hard boiled.  If an egg spins slowly and wobbles then it is raw. 


It is estimated that there are four chickens to every human on the planet. 


The egg carton was invented in 1911 by a Canadian newspaper editor named, Joseph Coyle, in Smithers, British Columbia


An egg standing on its end can bear up to 200 pounds.  The record was set by the Ontario Science Centre.


For best results, eggs should be brought to room temperature when used for baking. 


A plastic egg, golf ball or avocado pit placed in a nest will encourage a hen to lay in it.  This is the origin of the term “nest egg.”


“Go away, boy! Or I’ll spank you where the feathers are the thinnest.”  – Foghorn J. Leghorn

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

June 9, 2012

Tatte Bakery & Café


Yesterday I was on foot from my hotel to the M.I.T. graduation ceremony at Killian Court.  It was early in the morning and I hadn’t eaten a thing although I had managed to choke down a couple cups of lousy hotel coffee.  I ended up walking past a bakery that smelled divine, and stopped dead in my tracks.  Some backpacked students briskly walked past me and shouted out, “that place is super expensive, but tastes great!”  I thought to myself, “my kind of place,” and ventured in.  What a place!  The displays were unbelievable and the smells even better.  I picked up an almond croissant and an apricot brioche and carried them to the graduation ceremony.  I figured that I would be sitting there awhile and needed something to nibble on.  Each bite was heaven. 

Apparently, Tatte Bakery & Café is brand new with its grand opening a month ago.  They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and take-out cookies, cakes and pastries.  You can check them out at


Tatte Bakery & Café

318 Third Street

Cambridge, MA  02142



M-F   7am to 10pm

Sat    8am to 10pm

Sun   9am to 6pm


New “To Me” Cake Plate

June 5, 2012

One of the things that I like to do is collect cake plates. Whenever I am out I keep my eye open for beautiful or interesting plates.  Of course I like a good bargain as well and won’t pay more than $25 for any cake plate.  Thrift stores and consignment shops are a great place to find a good bargain.  I found this antique cake plate in an antique store in Ridgefield, Connecticut. 

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